What unusual animals can you have at home?


The animal world is incredible and beautiful. Some types of living organisms are so unusual and interesting that we cannot even imagine. Today we will talk about the bearded dragon.

What kind of animal is that?

The bearded dragon is an obedient and easy-to-care pet. These lizards have been kept at home for over 30 years. The natural color is dominated by yellowish, gray or brown tones. The color may change depending on the temperature and condition of the animal. Now you can buy a variety of bred morphs, which makes this species attractive for both beginners and advanced amateurs.

If you want to keep these lizards then it is very important to learn everything about their way of life, even how many crickets to feed a bearded dragon you need. Also, such animals should always have access to water. Do not forget about it. Eliminate any kind of cabbage, tomatoes, citrus and other sour vegetables, fruits and berries.

Bearded dragons very quickly get used to communicating with a person. With proper maintenance and care in your home, the bearded dragon will live up to 12-14 years. When the animal understands that there is no danger, it ceases to be afraid and will come out on its own. For the purpose of taming, it is necessary to feed the agama from your hands, take it out of the terrarium for some time and hold it in your hands, stroke it on the back. If it does not experience stress outside the terrarium, you can let her walk around the room, after closing the windows and locking other pets in separate rooms. The lizard should be outside the terrarium only under supervision.

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