How to choose eyeglass style?


We often talk about style subdivision to each style suitable for clothing, shoes, bags, and even earrings, watches, brooches, and other small accessories, but we rarely will talk about eyeglass style, because the choice of glasses is too “troublesome.” There are different colors, shapes, and materials, and often seem to be little difference, are some details of difference. But there are a lot of people who need to wear glasses, and a lot of people want to know how to choose them. To be honest, without face-to-face clarification of your color season type, style, face shape, head size, eye distance, and other specific “parameters,” it is difficult to exclude many factors to simply give a choice. Glasses are relatively “customized.”
So what to do? Today we talk about the direction, points, and taboos from some eyeglasses selections. I hope it will help you.

-The main points of style selection
The glasses are also straight, generally from the lines that can be seen, the best, and their own style of straight is consistent, with the clothes will also be harmonious.
The straight lines of the dress and glasses are best not too rounded. There are many glasses with lines so hard that they seem to work as a sharpshooter, and curvy people should avoid them. The glasses with too many cute elements are not suitable for atmospheric and mature style dressing. Eyeglasses for teenage types emphasize subtlety, small circles, small ovals, and not too heavy, raw, and angular.
The elegant style of glasses should also choose delicate, elegant, light, overall soft, not flat and wide shape, and moderate size. You can wear cat glasses that are not exaggerated. Romantic style pursues the atmosphere, gorgeous, mature curve sense, avoiding petty, raw lines and shape. There can be flashy decorations on the eyeglass legs or frames.
Teenage-style glasses give an overall feeling of unisex, flat, simple, crisp, and straight lines, but not too exaggerated and heavy. Fashionable people are very suitable for the new trend; independent design models can be unique to choose some personality, special style, square, sharply angular, irregular asymmetric (shaped glasses legs, shaped lenses), in line with the trend. It can also be glasses with a sense of technology.
Pay attention to what material the glasses are made of; for example, classical people pay a lot of attention to the quality of the material, and the pursuit of exquisite top quality, do not buy some rugged-looking wooden type glasses. The classic typical person’s glasses are generally regular, can not exaggerate, and do not highlight the presence of glasses too much. Older people who choose presbyopic glasses also follow this rule.
For natural people, the color of the glasses and the frame are best “invisible,” wearing no trace of the feeling. You can choose something slightly larger than your face. The dramatic type of eyeglasses can naturally be very exaggerated and eye-catching, with a strong presence that people can see at first glance, but if you wear glasses that are too petty, you can’t overpower them. It can be very extreme, and the size is extremely large or very small. It can be thick black frame glasses.

-Selecting points on the color
The choice of eyeglasses should also be in line with your color law; what color season type of people choose what color glasses can not be wrong.
The nearsighted lenses actually have warm and cold tones, and people with warm words can choose those with brown undertones. Light-colored people should not choose black frame glasses, especially the thick black frame; no color system can choose a light gray frame, or some wear in the face not strong presence of frameless, half-frame, fine metal frame, more and light head, and face color blend together, look more natural. On the contrary, dark-colored people can manage the frame color-rich glasses in order to “suppress” the feeling of heavy head and face color feeling; of course, if combined with the style or on some occasions, it can also be appropriate to choose a less strong.
Soft-colored people do not choose a pure black, pure white frame; some with a gray tone of the retro frame are very suitable for you. Some frosted textured metal frame glasses are also suitable for soft warmth and light warmth. Net color type people just avoid those blurred colors; some high saturation colored glasses can set off the bright feeling of your head and face.
Of course, it is not necessary to wear a pair of dazzling colored glasses on your face, as long as the color is pure black, white, gold, silver, or special materials such as platinum, sparkling diamonds, and other shiny texture of glasses, you can make you look radiant. Gold frames with bright colors like gold are naturally good for people with warm words, especially warm and bright, net warm and deep warm. Rose gold frames are also good for people with warm colors. Amber, onyx texture, or view frames are also suitable for warm character-type people. Big black frame glasses are not suitable for you even if they are popular.
However, cool color type people are not suitable to wear gold frames, and it is more appropriate to choose silver ones or cool gray. Cold-colored people must avoid brown frames. The purpose of choosing glasses, the most important thing is to talk about face shape and shape only on the basis of style and color; the general direction is basically pointed out in the text, but only relying on the feeling does not ensure that you can choose the right glasses, there are too many details in it, so more to try is the most important.