Fundamentals of proper horse care

Fundamentals of proper horse care

Horses are complex, but unusually beautiful and amazing animals. They require constant attention and investment of forces and resources. Daily grooming includes health care, feeding and training.

Daily cleaning

Cleaning includes removing heavy dirt with a rubber massager, excluding areas with delicate skin (legs and muzzle), removing dust with brushes with artificial or natural bristles.


If you are an equestrian, then your equipment also affects the condition of the horse, including the saddle, spurs, bridle and stirrups.

Safety stirrups

For the rider, the latter equipment is important too. Safety stirrups have now become a real must-have for riders. They are pleasant for both the horse and the person in terms of convenience, do not get in the way, do not scratch the skin of the animal. These stirrups ensure that the rider does not get stuck in the stirrups should they fall off the horse. They can be used in all weather conditions, temperatures and on any terrain. Some riders use them in competition, others prefer to train with them.

Horse grooming

It is recommended to groom the horse as needed. Short hair is much easier to care for than long and thick hair. But it should also be noted that for certain breeds of horses, long hair in certain areas is a sign and an indispensable attribute of the breed, and therefore the haircut must be approached with particular care. In any case, entrust this procedure to a professional or take special courses.

Tail and mane care

Combing the tail and mane is recommended as needed, but not every day. Daily combing will lead to a decrease in density, which takes a very long time to recover.

Hoof care

Regularly remove objects caught in the hoof (stones, twigs, grass particles) using a hoof hook. It is recommended to trim the hooves once every 3-8 weeks, depending on the intensity of their growth.

Image by Dorota Kudyba from Pixabay